When You Give Your Team a Voice in Your Strategy, They Build an Emotional Connection That Delivers Powerful Results!

One of the biggest competitive advantages in business today lies within the motivation of the team.

Employee engagement is the catalyst in developing an emotionally connected team that ‘buys into’ the organization’s concepts, strategies and core values.

When your team is equally connected, they begin to open up and offer their own innovative ideas and excitement for company growth. To develop a powerfully connected team you must first build trust among members, a sense of group identity and a sense of group efficacy.

The quality of an organization can be measured by the quality of the relationships they develop. Unfortunately, many organizations discount the importance of creating an emotional connection between its employees.


The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method engages teams in hands-on activities that allow people to connect around their stories. Through an exploration of identity and the team experience, the team achieves a deeper level of connection in a very short period of time.

Strategic Planning and Team Alignment

Engaging your team in the creation of your strategy is one of the best ways to create buy-in and ownership. An important first step is uncovering a personal why for your team members. This is the underlying motivation your team members have for any type of work they are engaged in, either within or outside of your organization.

Strategic Alignment Consulting supports organizations and their teams by aligning the connection between the business and the team. This allows employees to find greater meaning in their work which leads to improved business systems, increased customer satisfaction and increased profits.

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